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It updated on my phone yesterday. I spoke few choice words regarding the "update" too. Yep, bookmarks gone, well it took a while to find them. I liked them on my home page.

Lost my passwords too in the merge from old to new. Found out after the fact, I had to remove the master password. Lucky for me, it's only a few password and I have them also stored in Keepass2Android Password Safe and KeePass.

I used DuckDuckGo as my search engine, it's gone too. Not even available as a selection.

Tried typing an URL (i.e., in to the address bar, nope, it want to Google search for it. Worked before the "downgrade".

Lost a lot of other setting customization too. Basically everything seem to have reset to defaults.

This is the worse update of Firefox ever in my book. I've been using Firefox since it was Phoenix.

The reviews (including mine) are scathing on Google Play.
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