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Originally Posted by samhu View Post
Therein lies the crux of the issue that we, as "one-time-payment Fastmail Member account" folk, have our gripe. Fastmail has not "gone". And the offer to join at Member level was clearly stated - "a Member account for a US$14.95 one-time fee". Fastmail choosing for whatever reason it (or its fans) give to not uphold this commitment is at best underhand, at worst, illegal.
Once again, they were giving you service subsidized by ads. Because of malware advances that became unsafe for you and for them. They had all the rights within their terms of service to change. I understand you are upset, but seriously, they lost their funding stream to be able to offer the service. Do you only exist for others to serve you at their expense? They lost the ability to safely offer ads to pay for YOUR use of THEIR service. I get you are upset, but you completely fail to recognize the broader picture of what happened with the accounts.
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