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Originally Posted by mballas View Post
I second those comments. The endless comments of the "demented" lunatic fringe demeans this forum.
I disagree. Dementia is a real illness and it's perfectly possible elderly people with dementia will not take up a new address even if given to them. People with dementia need a completely stable and familiar environment in which to live their last few years in peace and without surprises, which are threatening to them.

We do not know if there are any such people affected, and for sure, people with dementia will not be taking up reading and posting to this noticeboard unless they had done before.

Only because we don't know how many people affected could be, it doesn't mean we have to be insensitive, as it's a real possibility.

I hope people with dementia have people around them who care for them and will try and remediate. My heart goes out to them.
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