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Originally Posted by neoforum View Post
Easy for you to say if you did that years ago. In 2002 I didn't know about getting a domain name, and now it's too late. All my contacts know me by my fastmail address and have for many years. And seriously, if I do decide to ditch my fastmail account rather than paying to keep it, I'll just go to gmail, which is free, very functional, and looks more likely to last for life than fastmail.

People keep snarking about my comments, but I notice that no one has taken me up on either voluntarily giving up your primary email address or sending me $30/year. If you want anyone to believe that you think it's no big deal, put your money where your mouth is. I won't be holding my breath on that.

It would be nice if a fastmail representative would have the courage to address my points directly.
@neoforum: Every one of us will have to fix it for ourselves. $FM doesn't care and neither does @ChinaLamb. It's a selfish world I'm afraid, and at times dishonourable too.
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