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Thumbs up It's the thousand little things

It's the thousand little things that make fastmail really cool.

Ever been annoyed that someone sent you a huge word document that would take you ages to download and had they zipped it it would only be a fraction of the size?

Go to the web interface and you can download attachments in a compressed format if you want!!

Just one of the MANY MANY features.

- Spam assasin gives you virtually spam free e-mail even if you let other accounts that normally get loads of it forward mails to fastmail.
- Mails get scanned for viruses in the paid accounts (if you so choose) so you have little to no problems with viruses.

Everything is as user configuarable as you want it but is also extremely easy and fast to use at the same time.

What sold fastmail for me was the server side sieve filtering, spam assasin, virus checking, a large space for storing mails (and if that's not enough you can buy more) and of course IMAP(!)

The other thing is the support from the developers. It is just so fantastic and when you start using fastmail you are not left alone. You become part of a whole community of fans.

There is never a second that I have regretted paying for an enhanced account.
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