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Re: FastMail Testimonials

OK, here's mine copied from another thread I just posted to (maybe after I've been around a bit longer I'll post another):

OK, my testimonial. I haven't been around too long, but I'm already happy.

Recently losing Alta Vista was a major thing to me. I started signing up for different accounts and sending myself stuff to see what they were like. Someone at work also pointed me to and I was totally overwhelmed by the number of free services out there, but the forums contained so many messages with good stuff to say about Fastmail that I immediately signed up. (BTW, I would've only gotten there through the forums because emailaddresses only listed and I couldn't get into that.)

One very small feature is what made me decide almost immediately this is where I wanted to stay: the ability to return from a message right back to the same page in the same folder (without just using the back button), a feature that seemed to be missing from most emails -- they all wanted to return me to page 1, or made me go to the folders list to get anywhere else. I like having that dropdown list of folders right there on all message list screens. (And I like the new interface with the folders listed to the left, showing all the time, with number of messages. That about makes it perfect.) I also really love the dropdown box next to the from field that apparently will allow me to change personalities -- I'm at guest level and don't know what this does yet, but it looks promising for when I level up. I've only seen that before in Alta Vista. (As opposed to changing identities like in OE.)

And one great advantage over Alta Vista is that if I have a question or problem I don't have to wait three days to get some auto response telling me to try something I've already stated I tried and didn't work... IOW, this forum.

I haven't had a lot of time to go through the FAQs or play with stuff -- I have only one week left to make sure everyone gets my change of address and clean out my old email. But I'm finding new stuff all the time and expect I'll just get happier as I go along.
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