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DKIM problems


I have a Office 365 account with Exchange to handle all my emails and the settings there seem to be perfect when I test with MX Toolbox.

My problem is connected with emails sent from the PHP Software Dolibarr installed on a Debian Linux server Server. Dolibarr is a web based PHP admin software and it includes an email module.

When sending from Dolibarr and anlyzing the Emaiheader with MX Toolbox I have the messages

Dkim Signature Error:
No DKIM-Signature header found


Dkim Signature Error:
There must be at least one aligned DKIM-Signature for the message to be considered aligned.

For the emails from the Dolibarr module, I use the SMTP server of Exchange and I belived that it would give the same result in MX Toolbox as when sending emails from Outlook, but no, It give DKIM warnings.

How come, and how to handle it?
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