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Originally posted by carverrn
There is a way, "kind of". You can use my Edit Whitelist bookmarklet. It will display all the Whitelist entries in an edit box so that you can add/paste/delete/cut/edit. Each address should be on a line by itself. If you can export your addresses that way then you can simply cut and paste the whole list. Otherwise you'll have to cut and paste one at a time.

Well, I hate to correct you in public like this, but you were wrong when you said there is a way 'kind of'. In fact, your bookmarklet (surprise surprise) is PERFECT!! Not only did it allow me to wasily and quickly add 500 email addresses to my whitelist, but it also id'ed for me a dozen or so cases where I had improperly formatted email addresses in my Palm Pilot!

The process was relatively simple. I exported the email field of my Palm address book to a CSV file, opened in excel, then copied into notepad and back into excel (this split records where I had multiple email addresses separated by carriage returns into separate cells in Excel. Then I split data to columns using commas as delimiters, so that any fields where I had multiple emails separate by commas would go into separate cells. I pasted the cells that were now in columns B, C, etc into column A and sorted alphabetically. I then pasted them into your form (about 100 at a time) and voila!

Just tested it with an email from myself (fortunately I'm on my whitelist -- it's obviously not that exclusive) and saw the beloved USER_IN_WHITELIST flag. I've never used this before because of the difficulty in adding addresses one at a time, and a concern that if I only added them from emails I got, I would slways be getting emails in my "NotInWhitelist" folder from that person you'd not heard from in a long while.

Even though Spam's not been a problem for me yet at this new address, I'm going to modify my growing system of filters to mimic what you've described above, and start to build a good solid pre-emptive system for dealing with spam.

Thanks again, Rich! You rock!!

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