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Mailfence - End-to-End Encrypted & Digital Signing Service

Mailfence ( has been created out of our belief that 'Internet privacy is an absolute and definitive right'. After the revelations of massive global surveillance (PRISM....etc) - we decided it was time to offer a service fully dedicated to email privacy. We double-checked each line of code, hardened our servers and worked hard to find a SSL certificate with no american company involved in the certification chain (which is not that easy to find). Withal, the only answer to absolute privacy was end-to-end encryption and we opted OpenPGP (a well known standard - that was further refined in RFC-4880) along with the support of MIME.
The goal was to implement a "TRUE" end-to-end encryption setup (where en(de)cryption occurs purely on the client-side) under an easy-to-use application environment, that is absolutely independent from any third-party (add-on, plugin...) - which by far is the biggest landmark we have set in the secure emailing industry.
Our application use public libraries (openpgp.js - fairly audited) and provides a PGP/MIME based end-to-end solution, including an integrated key-store for managing (importing, exporting, modifying, revoking/deleting...) all of the user PGP public and private keys. Moreover, mailfence gives users the ability of 'Digital Signatures' for (both generating and verifying) PGP/MIME based schemes - an another unique feature which no other service (with-in such eco-system) provides.
Therefore, mailfence is a complete email-suite which not only focuses on User privacy and anonymity - but also gives an entire set of collaborative tools (i.e. Contacts, Calendar, Documents, Groups, Polls...) - so to meet the expectations for all kind of users (personal/private, professional/enterprise).
To further align our strong belief of "Privacy is a right and not a feature" - we donate 15% of "Pro" subscription revenue to associations (Electronic Frontier Foundation and the European Digital Rights Foundation) that globally defend the rights of user privacy on every possible level. Being a small team (with limited resources) - we are cautious, reliable, stable & honest and are massively working on improving our service.
Your suggestions/recommendations are highly welcomed - which will duly help us to further enhance and shape our service under your needs.
- Mailfence Team
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