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[quote=sebwills;603544]I use the Fastmail android app on my phone (Moto G4, Android 7.0). Mostly it works fine, but if I edit text that I am composing (i.e. move the caret back into text I've already written and make changes), it goes badly wrong, corrupting surrounding words when inserting characters, to the point where it is impossible to continue editing. Adding text at the end of a paragraph seems ok. /[quote]

Yes, got problem too. Only with FastMail app - gesture typing worked fine in other apps, although I don't have Facebook app. Typing email replies was tedious, particularly going back to a previous word to edit/add something. Happened with default android keyboard US or UK, and with SwiftKey. Gesture typing seemed too fast for the fastmail app 😕

I uninstalled the FM app. Now using web app only. Don't get email notifications, so others may not want that, but it's much faster on my moto g4+ with 2GB RAM. And RAM usage is way down. FM app would creep up to over 200MB. Web app Max 20MB. That said, my phone's total RAM doesn't get over 1.3GB, so I have no idea what's the issue.
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