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Android app mangles text when editing

I use the Fastmail android app on my phone (Moto G4, Android 7.0). Mostly it works fine, but if I edit text that I am composing (i.e. move the caret back into text I've already written and make changes), it goes badly wrong, corrupting surrounding words when inserting characters, to the point where it is impossible to continue editing. Adding text at the end of a paragraph seems ok.

E.g. compose new message, write "test message", then position cursor before the first character and type "real" followed by a space. About 30% of the time this corrupts the text, eg to "*messReal Testage". The corruption seems much more likely and more severe if I use the 'glide writing' Google keyboard feature were you trace out words without lifting your finger, but I also see it when doing normal tapping. I think it's always when inserting a space.

I'm using the default Google keyboard, in UK English. I've been experiencing this for many months, and my wife also gets it. I've only ever noticed it in the Fastmail app. For example, there is no problem composing text in Chrome. Though my wife says it affects the Facebook app too.

Has anyone else experienced this - in Fastmail or any other app? (I realise it might not be the Fastmail app's fault - though as I said personally I've only ever seen it there)
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