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Originally Posted by sflorack View Post
Again.. most people don't need to uncheck the box. To me, it seems that FM took this approach because it satisfies the needs of most of the users in most situations. Apparently, you have a unique situation where all of your emailing happens from computers you don't trust.
I have to agree with glass.

The current situation is:
You have 5 computers you trust, you login without checking. You never have to recheck them again (except see below).

You go to the public computer three times a week, you have to uncheck them every single time. When you forget, you first have to notice it and second, you have te delete it from trusted computers. Except, you can only do that from that specific computer, because in the settings page it says "this computer is trusted, reset here" OR "reset all computers". You cannot reset another single computer from another computer. If you reset all computers, you have to trust them all over again, until you make the mistake for a second time. Additional, if you do not notice it, you cannot notice it at all because there is no overview of trusted computers.

The opposite situation would be:
You have 5 computers you trust, you have to check the box once per computer.

You go to the public computer three times a week, no futher actouns required.

That's it.

Why would you prefer the current situation above the opposite one?
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