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Arrow Sieve improvements

I just discovered that Fastmail has recently made many enhancements to their support of the sieve email processing language. When you look at the sieve editing screen you will see this require header specifying the sieve extensions supported:
require ["fileinto", "reject", "vacation", "imapflags", "notify", "envelope",
"body", "relational", "regex", "subaddress", "copy", "mailbox", "mboxmetadata",
"servermetadata", "date", "index", "comparator-i;ascii-numeric", "variables"];
Support has been added for several new sieve extensions. See this help page.
  • RFC 5233: "subaddress"
  • RFC 5490: "mailbox", "mboxmetadata", "servermetadata"
  • RFC 5260: "date", "index"
  • RFC 5229: "variables".
The sieve help has been updated. For example, see How to use Sieve.

The sieve notify extension has been greatly improved. Notify now supports notifications sent to these services (with great documentation):
  • app -- Fastmail app on mobile device (instructions)
  • mailto -- Email sent to another address
  • twilio -- Send an SMS message via Twilio
  • slack -- Send an email to a Slack channel
  • pushover -- Send a message via Pushover to a device
  • ifttt -- Send a message via IFTTT to trigger various actions (including SMS notifications)

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