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Originally Posted by Fenman View Post
Thanks, Fredonline and sorry not to be clear.

At the moment I am very happy with Fastmail and like the calendar very much and use it. It occurred that some time in the future I might want to/have to move away from Fastmail. I *think* there are some good email hosts that don't have calendars. It's possible I'm wrong here.

If I had to use one of those, then how do I link it with a calendar?

(The more I think about it the more I realise the question is dumb!)

Yes, Gandi would suit well if ever I came away from .Fastmail.
A cloud based calendar comes to mind, but I am not sure if it will work out for you.
I am using mainly Thunderbird across several computers, Linux and Mac.
Using a free nextcloud account at, which includes a calendar function.
Also "To-do"-calendars.
I am not getting/sending meeting invitations though, but I don't see shy this should not work with Thunderbird with emal set up.
Syncing nice between all computers (and mobile devices too btw)
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