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Hi Jason,

Thanks for the reply.

These are some of my points.

1) I have currently selected "Yes, reject if possible". The "Yes, save to folder" is Trash but it is not selected. I also have a filter order -2 which reads:
Messages where: "Header" "contains" "X-Spam-Flag: YES" will be: "saved to folder" "Spam" as suggested above by Carverrn.

2) Previously I had also selected "Yes, reject if possible", but the "Yes, save to folder" was Spam but it was also not selected. However, the spam messages continued to file to "Spam" folder. Don't you think this is strange?

3) I sent out a sample message from both my FastMail account as well as my MailSnare account. They both had my correct email addresses as the "From" address. The messages were classified as spam by runbox, but were filed to folder instead of being rejected. Can you explain it?

4) Can you give me one example of how I can test the reject feature to see that it really works?

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