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Re: How To Improve SPAM Filtering using Runbox Filters

Originally posted by carverrn
Here's what seems to work very well for me.

(1) For "Detect junk mail" select "Yes, reject if possible"

This allows Runbox to reject a message at the time it's being received,
if it is flagged as SPAM and if everyone receiving the message has agreed
to reject SPAM. I originally did use this option but the Linpro guys (the
ones hosting the Runbox mail servers) convinced me it's a good choice.
Does the Runbox "reject" really work?

I have tried sending the famous "ADV: Your Membership Exchange order -- Question to eBay seller g.r.a.p.e?" message minus the "ADV" ( since FastMail doesn't allow sending messages with it in the subject line) from various accounts to test this feature. The message definitely gets flagged as spam and filed to the Spam folder but it doesn't get rejected.
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