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I have been a Fastmail customer for a number of years. Needless to say, I'm rather disturbed at the allegations made in this thread, even though I personally never received any surveys.

Like others who have posted on this thread, I use my login strictly for ... just that: logging in. I get ZERO emails sent directly to my login. All of my "public" emails are aliases, which can be deleted or filtered as necessary.

Isn't not having your info made public the whole point of choosing Fastmail (or for that matter, any of the other privacy-oriented services) over something like G-Mail?

I don't know if this is easily accomplished, but If FM is going to do customer research, then why not find a way to "anonymize" the data so that the survey company never sees the actual logins? I would become "customer 12345", for example.

As for my trust in third parties... let's just say I that I remain skeptical.

Let's hope they have learned from their mistakes, and can move forward.

Just my two and 1/2 cents.
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