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Originally Posted by brong View Post
To the consent extremists here - if you're a FastMail customer - have you gained consent from every one of your correspondents to share their details with FastMail?
I don't know what's more disturbing about that statement, the arrogant dismissive attitude toward your own users who have a legitimate complaint, or the fact that you still just don't get it.

I have my own domain and I use Fastmail for its email-hosting. I ONLY give out email addresses based on my own domain. I NEVER give out my address. That one I keep strictly private and use it only as my Fastmail login username. I have never consented to anyone having that email address but you have taken it upon yourself to give it to a third party against my wishes and invalidating that extra bit of security I had in place. And then you post demeaning responses to the people who complained about it.

That's incredible. That's how successful businesses die from self-inflicted wounds.
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