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Yes, it's that bad.

If someone's question is trivial, then at least the first-level support person might be able to answer it properly. But my experience is that often the first-level person produces an answer that is wrong (usually because they did not, it seems, understand the question).

If you're lucky they'll instantly realise that someone more expert needs to answer, at which point the question gets queued to someone else, otherwise you have to restate the issue and ask for it to be escalated. Escalation often takes days, though I find that once the right person is answering, the to&fro, if there's a discussion about aspects of the problem, has a better turnaround.

I had a quick look at old support tickets, just to make sure I'm not misremembering.

The worst one (raised in 2019) had fast initial replies but then gaps of 15 days, 12 days, 3 days, 32 days and lastly nearly 10 months between updates from FM staff.

More recently I've seen first-level support answer generally between half a day and two days after I asked a question, once 3 days (over a weekend, but why should that matter?), but if they choose to escalate that there's usually a 5-day delay, sometimes a bit longer.

In one ticket I pointed out a factual error in the text on one of their help pages. First-level support replied in 12 hours, but escalated it, which took just over 5 days. The expert agreed with me and said they'd scheduled a task for someone to update the page. That took a shade over 5 MONTHS.
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