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Hi Jason,

Along those lines I'm wondering whether there is an easy way to add a lot of addresses to the whitelist.
There is a way, "kind of". You can use my Edit Whitelist bookmarklet. It will display all the Whitelist entries in an edit box so that you can add/paste/delete/cut/edit. Each address should be on a line by itself. If you can export your addresses that way then you can simply cut and paste the whole list. Otherwise you'll have to cut and paste one at a time.
I tried using the RBTB2 and entering multiple addresses in the input field, separated by spaces, commas or semicolons but could only get it to work with one at a time. Is that the way it works?
RBTB2 ... I like that

It currently only handles one address at a time. I could take a look at handling multiple addresses.
Along similar lines, I know your toolbar has an excellent tool for mass-uploading to one's address book . . . does being in the address book make a contact automatically count as whitelisted?
Unfortunately no. It would be nice if this was possible in the future.

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