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Originally Posted by FredOnline View Post
Wot, no Snow Patrol?

They've been mentioned in a different thread (but not this song) by Tsunami, amongst his (IMHO) interesting choices.
Thank you

I adore the song "Run" by Snow Patrol. They have several good songs, but that one really stands out to me. It is heavily misinterpretated as a love song, while the vocalist of the band said in an interview it was written as a "get yourself back on track" message to himself when he went through a very dark phase personally. But I'm sure the band is fine with whatever way people interpretate it, as long as it moves people.

I lived in Northern Ireland for 2 years, but never knew Snow Patrol beforehand. It was during a colleagues night out that someone asked to put on a Snow Patrol song. I went to the jukebox and picked the first song of them I could find, and that happened to be "Run". When the song started playing, I was impressed immediately.

But "Chasing cars" is a nice song too, very romantic. And I rarely turn down a good romantic song.
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