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Listening to AaRON (abbreviation of "Artificial Animals Riding on Neverland" -- no joke), a French band. Several songs passed by the last 15 minutes, of which I like "Angel dust" and "Le tunnel d'or" most.

"Le tunnel d'or" is the only song in their native French on their debut album, but it has very poetic lyrics:

Et mes rêves s'accrochent à tes phalanges
Je t'aime trop fort, ça te dérange
Et mes rêves se brisent sur tes phalanges
Je t'aime trop fort...
Mon ange...

(and my dreams hang on your phalanxes
I love you too much, it bothers you
And my dreams break on your phalanxes
I love you too strongly…
My angel...)

I wonder if the phalanx reference is metaphorically or refering to a relationship going wrong and ending in domestic violence. I hope it's not the latter...
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