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Hello Geir,

I'm no longer a runbox customer, I had to leave because I couldn't tolerate the interface. Now that you're finally upgrading it, I'll probably go back to runbox as my main email provider, since the interface was the one thing that made me leave (and well, you could offer a bit more space for the pricing, but that's a whole different discussion).

I've joined "the other service" for their webclient and even though there are some people who do not like it, the majority of users think it's fantastic, me included:

- It's fast (really fast!);
- It's beautiful: Pleasing on the eyes, dark theme (hopefully you'll offer a dark theme, it's a must nowadays);
- It's powerful: You've a whole range of settings, such as side view, different fonts, different themes, etc;
- It has calendar, files, notes and contacts in one easy menu;
- It has keyboard shortcuts: Whatever you do, your new webclient must have keyboard shortcuts;

If you allow me a suggestion, please don't clutter the interface just for a selected few that like to have everything immediately noticeable, with huge buttons and easy to press with the mouse pointer.
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