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I won't add isps to trusted hosts, since they are actually indirectly the source of most spam with their users on dsl networks with compromised machines.

Actually, that's all the trusted_hosts thing is about, allowing us to correctly scan back through Received headers that are NOT an ISP. In theory, about the only machines on RBLs should be:

1. Compromised machines on DSL/dialup lines (99%)
2. Compromised servers (1%)

It's silly using RBLs that block email sources with any legitimate mail (eg hotmail/yahoo/etc) even if they do send some spam, because you're just randomly blocking some machine and users. I think RBLs are best when they just block known insecure machines that should never be sending email.

I think having the per-user option is the best way to go in the long term, but I'm happy to add forwarders people use if they email me.

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