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Question is mail to the,,,,domains opportunistically encrypted

Apropos Opportunistic SSL/TLS encryption on incoming emails --
IIRC, there's also Opportunistic SSL/TLS encryption on OUTGOING emails. And I vaguely recall there was a some kind of post showing the fraction of mail that is actually encrypted at some point (I haven't tried to find it...)

My question is, is outgoing mail to the domain normally encrypted? I'm considering sending email there (to the records department -- oak-roi@<that domain> ) and will not do it if it isn't, and don't have a good way to message the department if I can't email it. I've been admitted to the hospital and will be here for at least another week. (The alternative is to resort to faxing with an internet fax service, which is arguably slightly less or more secure than unencrypted email.)

I'm not worried about STARTTLS downgrade attacks

If anyone from fastmail can check the logs to answer this question, I'd appreciate it. I suppose I can open a support request, but the answer could be generally useful, so I'm asking here.

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