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Seems you had some bad luck while testing Runbox 7, or tested it on a bad day.

First off, we have been careful in calling it the “Runbox 7 Webmail beta test” because we’re focusing on the webmail in this phase. We are therefore squarely within the “beta” stage where the product (the webmail) is largely feature-complete but may still contain bugs.

The reason for this focus is that the webmail is our core service and we are utilizing an entirely new framework (Angular) to rebuild the user interface from scratch, using the most modern technologies and practices in the industry.

Therefore it will take some time to progress to the other parts of RMM, especially because we have spent considerable time and resources making the Runbox 7 Webmail the fastest webmail app available.

The feedback we’ve had has been overwhelmingly positive and has contributed greatly to the development, and we’re very excited about the product’s future.

Regarding your more specific viewpoints I refer you to the Runbox 7 forum ( which is the only place we’re currently discussing Runbox 7 Webmail features.

To resolve the message/folder inconsistencies you mention, please contact Runbox Support and provide your Runbox username.

- Geir
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