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Is there a way to...(potential Feedback/Request)

Part I.

I like how Gmail has it set up that after you label a mail, you can send all corresponding mails in your Inbox to that folder (label).

I can, in FM, pull down and set up a rule for that one email, but that's all it does. It makes a rule so that all new email will go to the folder you want. Is there any way to ask it to pull all email from that address?

It's very tedious to go back to the Inbox and try to search it all because sometimes the results don't come up how I expected. For example, I set up my rule. Then I went to the Inbox to search on the sender of the mail. But other stuff came up as well. So I have to go back into the email (or dig for it if I put it in the folder already) and then pick the email address off and make the search by this. Then select and move all those old messages to that folder.

That's one of the best features I love about Gmail. Maybe I'm missing the way to do this?

Part II.

I have a ton of rules. I want to combine them. So, say, all my Newsletters get a particular folder. Right now I have a rule for each email. I want to go in and have one rule with "If from this email, or from this email or from this email" put into the Newsletters folder. The best I can figure is I have to copy+paste the email from current rules into a new set. Is there something I'm missing to make it easier? Add Condition is great if you know all the email addresses ...
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