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It seems that it is not just reminders that are set at 0:00 UTC but all day events, at least when using a caldav client. I'm very frustrated.

I have an android phone and find the FM android app to be slow to use. So, I've followed the instructions set by fastmail and installed caldav sync on my android. When I schedule events at a specific time, everything works well.

However, when i create an all day event on my android and then sync it back to the fastmail server, it gets recorded on the previous day at 0:00 UTC. For example, if on my android, I create an all day event called "TEST" for December 8, 2017 and then sync to the fastmail calendar sever.....if i go online to the fastmail website and choose the calendar view, I do not see the all day event "TEST" on December 8.....instead, I see it as an all day event December 7!!!

Fastmail, please fix this!!!
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