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My understanding is that one of the purposes of updating the TOS was to bring ALL of FastMail's services into alignment... so I wouldn't worry much about them including that statement in there (at least not yet), since firstly, it is a pretty normal thing to include in a TOS, and more importantly, since this also applies to FastMail's subsidiaries, Topicbox, Pobox, Listbox, all of which may or may not offer free accounts in the future, and might still have free accounts from the past. So IMO they are just covering their bases of what was and may be. In fact, even FM itself might want to launch another service with free accounts, etc... who really knows?

FM is clearly branching out with several acquisitions of small services, so they might have big plans in the future and this is a harbinger of things to come.

And for all we know, FastMail itself might STILL have a small group of another class of freebie accounts that they gave out for other reasons in the past that have never been publicly promoted, that are just sitting around doing nothing right now. So who knows for sure, but the inclusion of that statement doesn't worry me at this stage for paying customers.

And BTW, I do agree that it would be ridiculous for FM to cancel a paid account for lack of logins, and I don't believe FM would be that dumb. They've made plenty of mistakes, but that would be insane.
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