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Originally Posted by David View Post
So, another year it is......
I think that's being overly pessimistic -- I'd say we're 90-95% there development-wise now.

The main remaining problem has been our legacy IMAP service (Courier), which we had planned to retire by the end of 2015. However, it turned out that it was too painful for many of our customers to transition to the new IMAP service (Dovecot) as it required deleting the account from the client and setting it up from scratch.

To not cause service disruptions for these customers we decided to keep Courier around after all. This meant that Courier would have to be modified to use the new authentication service as well, to prevent it from being a backdoor past 2FA.

However, since your post we've had significant progress on this end as well, and we don't see any further major roadblocks.

By the way, the authentication service itself is already in production and is running happily with Dovecot, which is a login-intensive service. So we are fairly confident this will turn out well, and in the near future.

- Geir
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