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Happy with Runbox

I posted this on the "Current opinions on Runbox" thread, but since this thread is sticky and the reason for that thread was the lack of activity on this one, I thought I'd cross-post here too.

I run my personal and small business email through Runbox. I moved in May from a privately run system, and have been very happy with everything.

I narrowed my choice down to Fastmail and Runbox. I actually signed up with Fastmail but after billing problems ended up with Runbox. Support has been satisfactory (though I've had no urgent issues that needed immediate attention).

Some of their tools could do with small usability improvements, but these are relatively minor, and support has got back to me when I've had problems.

Overall, the most important part, solid and reliable email, has been working as it should.

I wasn't aware before I signed that their entire server park is hydro powered, and was very happy to find that out!
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