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Question How do I manually set SMTP details for Identities?

==> Edited this as probably the issue is that I can't set manual login details for Identities as before.. Anyone know how to do this?

Original post:


I use a Gmail business account for work and link it to my FastMail account because FastMail is better.

I have three aliases that I use for the Gmail business account:




See here for what I see in Google Mail:

(a) and (b) works just fine using SMTP sending from FastMail using FastMail identies:

(c) does NOT work for whatever reason (I cannot figure this out at all):

For (a) and (b) and (c) I do the same authentication procedure and when I try to check connection for (a) and (b), it works fine:

For (c), it does not work:

It seems to be that setup is the SAME for all three Google account aliases!

I've tried to play around making different Google aliases the "default" one, and the same result - it's only (c) that doesn't work.

Can anyone help out??


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