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Re: 1) What about ip

I'll add it in shortly.

Re: 2) You've added a "-all" in the TXT record. That's a bit strict, but more to the point, an include record shouldn't add any type of "all" suffix, that's up to the domain owner who will be using the include record. I know I can't use the record since I don't exclusively use FM's smtp servers.

This is fine. From the docs...

In hindsight, the name "include" was poorly chosen. Only the evaluated result of the referenced SPF record is used, rather than acting as if the referenced SPF record was literally included in the first. For example, evaluating a "-all" directive in the referenced record does not terminate the overall processing and does not necessarily result in an overall Fail. (Better names for this mechanism would have been "if-pass", "on-pass", etc.)
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