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Angry Text Editing in FM App on Google Pixel hopelessly broken [see video]


For months, we have been trying to use FM's app on the Google Pixel XL and it is hopelessly broken. The symptom is that when editing text, if the pointer is moved anywhere within the body and then text is typed, the 'autocomplete' reorganizes and makes a complete mess of the text as soon as a space bar is pressed. It is unrecoverable, since there is no 'undo'. Edits to try to fix it make it even worse.

This may be attributable to the Google Keyboard app, and I originally thought it was, but FM's app is the ONLY one in which this happens on my phone, and I use dozens of apps (evernote, messenger, word, etc.) with the same keyboard and settings.

PLEASE look into this - I keep hoping it will be magically fixed in an update, but I also just realized I've never reported it. By the way, both my wife and I use the app on our Pixel XLs and both have the same issue. Also, I used to have a Galaxy Note 7 (RIP) and did NOT have this issue, even though I had the Google Keyboard installed.

If I can, I'll try to shoot a short video clip to show you the symptom and attach it here.


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