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Problems with whitelisting

The problem I have is that emails from organizations frequently append the domain name with something else so my whitelisting does not work (they add something list email list to the domain name, and then use something else 3 months later). I am not sure why they do this, but runbox identifies as spam and I have to hunt through all the spam. Unfortunately I've found it easier to just change the email address to a yahoo account which doesn't seem to have this problem. With all the problems I have had over the years getting Runbox to properly identify valid emails from spam, I seldom use Runbox anymore, just spent too much time going through my spam to find valid emails. Even using the "not spam" for the trainable spam filter does not seem to work (or not quickly enough). I like Runbox, have found the performance and up time to better than service like Yahoo or Google, but they are not better at identifying valid emails and keeping them out of the spam (where I get hundreds a day)
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