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Originally Posted by brong View Post
IE6 isn't a web browser anyway, it's a custom-Microsoft-markup browser that happens to render a subset of HTML.
Originally Posted by jhollington View Post
Quoted just for almost making coffee come out of my nose this morning....
I found that part of Bron's post quite amusing as well.
Originally Posted by Grhm View Post
Or you could say they are more realistic than us, and are resigned to the fact that Fastmail management are going to impose their new interface on us all, come what may, so they'd better get used to it.
Well, I wanted to refrain from posting in this thread at all. That is mostly why I started using the new interface (even though I wouldn't have worded it quite that way, Grhm), but I found that most of the features I adored in the classic interface were missed mostly for their 'usefulness to me', more than the 'must have'.

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