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Originally Posted by brong View Post
I did a bunch of analytics yesterday to prove to myself that we're making the right decision, and it was very much confirmed by the numbers.
As David pointed out earlier, the fact that people are using the new interface isn't proof that they prefer it.
Most people aren't as bolshie as me and Bamb0.
Or you could say they are more realistic than us, and are resigned to the fact that Fastmail management are going to impose their new interface on us all, come what may, so they'd better get used to it.

I don't use IE6, by the way.
I have a Nokia C2-01, which has its own Symbian browser, and I also have Opera Mini installed.
I have the most up-to-date versions of both browsers.
Nearly all web-sites work fine on one or the other, or both, including Amazon, Paypal, Discogs, this forum and Fastmail Classic.
It's only this blasted new interface that snootily refuses to co-operate.

(Apart from the problem with Fastmail I'm perfectly happy with this little C2-01. It does everything I want. I don't need or want a computer or an expensive, complicated new phone that I don't understand.)

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