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Another bites the...

I'm another one who is unhappy with these changes (amongst other gripes).

I opened a fastmail support ticket earlier this week about Carddav problems with shared address books and mentioned my concerns about the pending changes to Alternative logins at the same time. My impression is that without doing this I wouldn't have been given details about the pending changes. Not that they explained much, just enough to know they're going to break our workflow. I now see that Fastmail don't give a damn about their users needs, that they take away functionality that folks rely on without good reason and without properly explaining what's going on. The fact that I'm going to be spending my holidays dealing with the mess this creates is unfortunate and very annoying.

I feel very let down by fastmail and their development team.

That said I've always found their support team to be good (once you get past the first line).
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