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Originally Posted by neilj View Post
Printed OTP, 1hr passwords and Yubikey without a base password (1-factor Yubikey) will no longer work from Monday. You will need to use your master password if you currently use one of these types of alternate login. The few users with these types should have been emailed; apologies, I will follow up ASAP to find out what's happened to that.

All other types of alternate login (regular password, two-factor Yubikey, two-factor SMS, two-factor TOTP) will continue to work until the 31 August.

Jeeez Neil..
How about just a simple declaration of what is going and what will be in its place.
- without having to read through the blogs trying to find those needles in the haystack.
Basic MOC stuff:
  1. Today you have features ABC
  2. We are changing these things DEF
  3. And you will be left with the set of features XYZ

PS - I've not received any email about my printed OTP's being dropped.
Which is one of the reasons I was confused about this. It's Friday, and come Monday they won't work, yet the said email has not arrived.
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