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[quote=TenFour;610971 Nobody is being forced to be here or read anyone's posts they don't want to.[/QUOTE]

Precisely. That is why blocking somebody is unnecessary and is merely a petulant gesture. And then going out of someone's way to ANNOUNCE that he is blocking someone can only be seen as pure childish malice, the forum equivalent of a middle finger. It accomplishes nothing except to express and make public one's contempt and dislike for some other forum member. And posts subsequent to mine make clear that this seems to be a habit on the part of the member who did this to me and has happened to a number of people. If that is not a violation of Edwin's rules I don't know what would be. The mods have been uncharacteristically silent about this thread -- indeed, I'm surprised they've allowed it to stay up at all. Perhaps it should be frozen or deleted, strictly speaking. But before taking action (or if they intend simply to ignore it), surely the mods should make a comment on the merits, a ruling on whether the forum's rules have indeed been flouted or not, and whether the member in question has at least been warned. After all, members have been banned because of one simple and relatively innocent exasperated expletive -- surely habitual and repeated displays of unbridled gratuitous malice are worse than a spontaneous "H***!" or *D***!", are they not? If not (that is to say, if a colorful though not obscene word under stressful circumstances is worthy of a "zero tolerance" death penalty while repeated malicious and cruel and sarcastic behavior intended only to wound and embarrass is not worth even a mild warning and an announcement that the warning has been given), then the spirit of the forum's rules is surely being selectively and capriciously enforced, and I, for one, do not wish to remain a member here.
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