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I have a Lycos account, but not for long.

Received this on April 28, 2018, the second of two, the first on April 7, 2018
Dear Lycos Mail User,

This is a reminder that starting on May 15th, 2018 we will no longer be able to offer free Lycos Mail addresses. If you have recently upgraded, thank you, and apologies for emailing you again.

To continue using your Lycos Mail address, you will need to upgrade your account to a premium account:

There are three premium account options:
- $4.95 per month
- $19.95 per year
- $49.95 per 3 years

Upgrading your account to premium does come with benefits:
- 5 GB of storage space
- POP and IMAP access
- Webmail access without ads

Alternatively, if you do not want to upgrade your account, you can download your email messages with an email client. Instructions on how to do this are here:
Make sure to follow the instructions for Cluster B and to use the POP3 protocol.

If you do not upgrade your account, on May 15th, your Lycos Mail account and its messages will be deleted.

If you already have a premium account, no action is required.

We regret not being able to offer free Lycos Mail accounts going forward, but it is unfortunately necessary for us to stay in business.

See our FAQ for more information:

Thank you,
Lycos Mail Admin
I'm not going paid and was surprised I was still able to log in. Since there is no POP or IMAP available with free account I was forwarding messages to another account. These two message never got forwarded. I got word of this here at the forum in Early Warning... I believe.

Another account lost to paid. Oh and the instructions to download stored messages was worthless. Not that I had anything other than the two messages to download.
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