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Originally Posted by 5kft View Post
Hi Bron, I'm seeing a problem here as well when using the web interface. Whenever I send an email now it hangs 5-10 seconds. This behavior just started recently, and actually really impacts productivity, because I'm blocked completely from doing anything else in the Fastmail UI while it is sending. If you think of going through a large number of emails and replying first thing in the morning, and you're blocked eight seconds for each one, then you've already been sitting waiting for over a minute for just replying to eight emails (!!).

I know that you know this, but the traditional user experience for email is that it queues and whatever work it needs to do to send gets taken care of as the queue gets processed - i.e., not blocking the user. While there may be technical/implementation issues with this, the Fastmail web UI really shouldn't impact the UX because of them.

Should I file a trouble ticket about this as well? I'm not sure if it would be helpful if others have already filed them.

Thanks for listening!
I'm exactly in the same situation as 5kft is
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