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Originally Posted by n5bb View Post
Time To First Byte (TTFB) measures both the time to process the request at Fastmail (which depends on what you request) and the round-trip latency between your browser and the Fastmail servers (mostly in the NYC area in the US). I notice that the people who are reporting a delay and their location in this thread are in France and Israel. Unfortunately, the Fastmail Pingdom tests do not include those countries.

My guess is that changes which are related to the time of the day are probably related to DNS lookup and network latency. Of course, network latency could be local to you, your ISP, your country, submarine cables to the US, interconnects to the New York / New Jersey area, and at the NYI Datacenter used by Fastmail. Of course, you can have a very high speed local internet connection and still have significant latency in TTFB due to network switching issues.

Iím in the US and havenít noticed anything changing with Fastmail which differs from normal variations in internet latency variations, especially if Iím traveling and using a mobile phone connection or hotel WLAN. This week I am on the west coast of the US (a long way from the Fastmail main servers) and using a hotel and other connection methods. I donít notice any difference from my high speed fiber connection at my home in Texas (closer to the east coast).

Hi Bill,
Why most of the API call take less then 150 ms excepted one that take 4 to 10 seconds?
Why is this always the same API call, the one that contains messagesNotSpam + messageSavedOrSent + updateMailboxMessageList + mailboxCounts that is slow?

Your diagnostic is not correct.

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