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Let's all do the same test.

To have exact timing with Google Chrome press F12 then chose Network Tab. It's almost the same with other web browser.
When you do an action on fastmail web you should find API call and find how long it take to process the request : this the waiting time. Have a look at this screen capture.
You have 3 timing. The time to send the data to fastmail, the time to receive the answer. Both are related to your internet speed. The 3rd timing is the time Fastmail take to process the request. This 3rd value is the interesting one.

Send a mail to youself containing only "test01" in the subject and in the body.
Open network monitor with F12 and reply to yourself with test02 in the body.
Keep the biggest wait time you find for this action.

In a Excel file create 4 columns : Data, Time UTC, Iteration, Wait time in ms
When you think fastmail is getting slower write down waiting time.
Here is mine

To find your UTC time you cand use this site


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