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Bill, hi! You've ridden to my rescue so many times... Thank you.

OK, here's what I've done: I have opened a zoho account for new and renewed newsletters. But I am still getting older ones in my FM account folders (newsletters which FM used to place correctly, but doesn't anymore). It's as if FM is just guessing day-to-day. Also, opening a new zoho account solved the problem with senders telling me they got "bad message" (or whatever it's called) since I was no longer using an FM address.

The issue now is the old faithfuls, the newsletters I've been getting for years. EarthSky (a daily), for example, will end up in spam one day, personal another, commercial the next day, and accidentally make it to newsletters a couple of times a week. There is no rhyme nor reason.

The same thing happens with my commercial emails/orders. That account is a different address from any of the other accounts, but FM exhibits the same random behavior. Some of these are places I've done business with for years, and FM used to send those emails right to the commercial folder. Now they go to other folders as well.

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