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Originally Posted by noclue View Post
...I phoned one of the organizations to see if they could tell me what they were seeing on their end. They told me that they were getting "bad address" notifications -- whatever that means.
Originally Posted by noclue View Post
...The preceeding 18 or so pages of this thread have been about just that -- how to get stuff sent to the right folders. I have tried the suggestions that kind folks here have offered, but the plain fact is that FM is no longer trying to learn what goes where.
What are your current problem?
  • Your original post has two complaints:
    • Newsletters you had recently subscribed to were not arriving at your Fastmail account in any folder. In a later post (shown above), you said that the newsletters were getting "bad address" notifications for email sent to your Fastmail address.
    • Messages showing up in the wrong folders. I'm not sure if this is only a spam / not-spam issue or some other folder filing rules you are using.
  • If you will trust me, I will send you a Fastmail PM (private message). If you open it I will discuss this privately so you don't reveal your email address in this open forum.
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