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Need Contacts sync -> have to pay 4 times more?


I have two Fastmail's Family Lite accounts and I use a couple of my own domains for email.

I pay $25/year ($5 for the master account, $10 for each user, two total).

I am fully satisfied with the quotas etc...

Yesterday I had to move Contacts from Google to Fastmail and sync my Android phone and desktop client from there (for a reason).

However as it turned out, my service level does not allow me to have Contacts sync and I need to upgrade to one of the "new" plans.

As I use my own domain, Basic will not do it for me, I have to go with the Standard plan which is $5/month and for two users it will be $100/year.

So the price increase for me will be fourfold ($25 -> $100) just to have CardDAV sync, which is just too much and is not worth it.

Am I missing something? Or do I have to find another CardDAV provider to host my contacts there? I've been using Fastmail since 2010 and they are the best when it comes to email hosting, but I really can't justify paying $100 every year just for the ability to keep my contacts up-to-date on my devices.

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