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Unhappy Plain text in the IOS app

Hi all,

I've had issues in relation to font size and formatting in Fastmail i.e. how hard it is to ensure uniform formatting in the web interface/app. In the end, I decided to just go with plain text.

However, when I comepose emails in plain texts in the IOS app, the message text and the signature text is different, even though both look the same when I compose a message in the web interface. The main body text as I am typing appears slightly larger and in a different font to the signature text.

I'm find the font and sizing issues with Fastmail increasingly frustrating - I use it professional and the formatting of my emails is increasingly all over the place except when I use Fastmail with a third-party application like Outlook. That defeats the purpose, however, of using the web interface. I now feel that, after ditching rich text, I can't rely on the plain text option either.

If anyone has any solution to the above that would be great. If Fastmail could also just all for something like numbered font options in the web interface for rich text that would be even better.


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