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Thanks for all this info, chickadee. I think I'd like to do that pop-fetch thing, but first I have to learn how to use Zoho. I can't get a Zoho icon to click on. I like visual reminders now that I am way over the hill. I've received one of the newsletters at Zoho with no problem. I wish I knew what happened at FM that shut them down. Sweet mysteries of life...

I read that you had to sign in more than 120 days with Zoho. There was a forum somewhere where people were discussing having to sign in so much. But since that's what I'm having to do every time anyway... Once I get pop-fetch set up, that won't be the case.

As far and actually using Zoho enough to comment on it, well, I'm not quite there yet. I need to make the type larger for one thing. But I can see that there are lots of different things that can be done with it, and I like the layout. Do you know if there is a way to make the received email/newsletter full screen? Right now, I have part of Zoho showing on the left and the newsletter dropped down a little on the right.
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