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I forgot to tell you, noclue, that to keep your free Zoho Mail account active (open), you must log in at least once every 120 days. You can log in by going directly to the Zoho Mail Web site or by using POP or IMAP (see the link below).

This should not be a problem for you because you will be logging in to your account often to read your newsletters.

If you want, you can have your FastMail account automatically POP-fetch messages from your Zoho Mail account. This would be an effortless way to keep your Zoho Mail account open--and would give you peace of mind.

I myself POP-fetch messages from my Zoho Mail account to keep my account open.

If the short 120-day inactivity period bothers you, I apologize. I simply did not think of it when I recommended you try Zoho Mail.

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